Dubai East Vision 2019

International  Competition-Festival of Arts “Dubai East Vision 2019”  is a unique opportunity to show your creative talents, get an assessment of a highly qualified jury, make a lot of new friends.

Venue:  UAE, Dubai
Date: 09.01.2019-16.01.2019

International festival

Great international art competition in Dubai

Best Playground

One of the best scenes in the heart of Dubai will help you to discover your talent

Friendship and communication

Our festival allows people of different cultures and from different countries of the world to get acquainted, to establish partnership relations and to gain popularity beyond the boundaries of their country

New experience

In addition, each participant of the festival will have the opportunity to perform on a professional stage,

Countries participating

Traditionally, a lot of countries take part in our contest-festival. From Russia to the United States of America. This is a huge event that helps our countries not only to establish friendly ties, but also to create cultural exchanges, to learn traditions of each other.

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Nominations of the festival

DUBAI EAST VISION 2019 a multi-genre competition, where each participant will be given the opportunity to show his talent to the world.

  • Choreography
  • Instrumental creativity.
  • Vocalism
  • Theatrics
  • Artworks
  • Circus arts.


  • solo
  • duet
  • trio
  • small groups(4-6people)
  • ensemble (7 and more people)
  • orchestra (instrumental group – more than 8 people)
  • choirs (vocal ensemble- 12and more people)

  Age categories:

  • preschool category – below 7 years old
  • junior category – 7 – 10 years old
  • middle age category– 11 – 13 years old
  • senior age category – 14 – 18 years old
  • mixed junior category – mean age up to and including 12 years old
  • mixed senior category – mean age more than13 years old
  • adults – older than 18 years old

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Application for the festival

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